31 July 2013


Tortuguero National Park is a remote patch of rainforest circling a fresh water lagoon and crisscrossed with countless streams and waterways. It is only accessible by boat or plane and the best way to see the wildlife is by kayaking along it's the silty waters. Tortuguero boasts the world's largest green turtle population and is also a hotspot for jaguars (who eat the turtles), endangered manatees and the Great Green Macaw.

Spectacled Caiman lurking in the undergrowth
Parrot Snake hanging motionless from a tree stump in the rain.
Brown Vine Snake - head elongated to help it's camouflage
Bird-Eating Snake. This 2m reptile was crawling along vines by the river
Common Basilisk. Also called the Jesus Christ Lizard due to it's ability to run along the surface of water
Black River Turtle sunning itself on a floating log

Bare-Throated Tiger Heron
Green Ibis
Some sort of pretty butterfly.
Green Basilisk Lizard - much rarer than it's common cousins (pictured above)

White-faced capuchin - the most intelligent of the New World monkeys. They also like to throw their own faeces when threatened.
Geoffroy's Spider Monkey - Costa Rica's most endangered primate.

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