8 June 2013

Here Come The Rains

It has been a busy few months here working for The ARA Project - we successfully released all 6 Scarlets from Group 2 and just in time! Towards the end of April, the dry season spectacularly departed in a series of  giant thunderstorms accompanied by heavy tropical rain that seriously tested all of our new construction here! Photography has become a little more tricky as the air humidity rarely dips below 99%. But with the rains come all the scaly, slimy things that spent the hot dry months hiding underground...

Geoffrey - The last Macaw of Group 2 to be released at Punta Islita. A very handsome birdy, here pictured on his 3rd day after release.
Juv. Ctenosaur. I spent a long time trying to sneak close enough to photograph the detail in it's eye.
A very friendly Anole lizard chilling out with Spade

The view from our new house on the hill. Following the frequent rains, clouds of steam rise from the forest.
Boa constrictor - cryptic against the dead leaves on the jungle floor.
Somewhat less threatening than the Boa, this is a tiny juvenile blunt-headed vine snake.
Orange-chinned Parakeet.

The Sun setting over the islands of Granada, Nicaragua
Three macaws from Group 2 finding their wings and enjoying having free reign of the valley.

Jack looks out to sea, taking a break from his bossy partner Mary-Anne. They nested this year - a first for The ARA Project in Islita and the first in this area for over 50 years.
A trio of Brown Pelicans out for a early morning surf

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