2 October 2013

New Releases

Over the last few months we have released 10 macaws - all of Group 2 and the beginning of Group 3. All the birds are finding their wings and doing well. Here are a few snaps of their progress...

Group 2
Cutie & Pi
Group 2: Chili, August, June, Sweet, Geoffrey, July
Zeus & Charlie

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  1. Hello Charlie!

    I am the graphic editor of Viajes National Geographic magazine in Spain.
    Looking for images of Costa Rica, I found your gallery and would like to know if you are interested in publish in our magazine.
    We are interested in one image
    http://500px.com/photo/19849049 (Scarlet Macaws)

    In case you are interested, I need a high quality image to test a plotter and if it has sufficient quality to publish (with watermark if desired).

    It urges us, because we are about to close the number.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Greetings and congratulations for your work!

    Title of publication: Viajes National Geographic
    Issue number: 168
    Publication date: February 2014
    Title of article: Costa Rica
    Publisher: RBA Revistas, S.L.
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    Language: Spanish
    Territorial distribution: Spain
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