21 November 2012

The Neighbours

Meet Harry, one of the 7 macaws to have been released so far in Islita. Harry is the probably the most human-friendly member of the group and will often fly down to see what you are doing.
A jumping spider found outside the house. Only about 5mm across. 
Laughing Falcon, so called because of its song which sounds a bit like... 
A squirrel of the Variegated variety. Fairly common round these 'ere parts. 
The Great Green Macaw. This one is in the Breeding centre. There are only 300 left in the wild in Costa. 
Juvenile Spiny Iguana (adults turn brown and boring) just outside the house. 
This is a harmless Whip Scorpion (although they look BAD). About 15 cm across. This one lives in the kitchen. 
Coati (sort of like a racoon). We get almost daily visits from this fella, who tries to steal all our food. 
Brown Vine Snake. Interesting fact - when threatened they will turn to face you and open their jaws wide to reveal a bright purple mouth that confuses predators. 

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